Your Security Partner

Like a lighthouse provides navigational aid for those at sea, Sorasec provides services and advisory that will protect your business from security threats and provide a navigational aid for you in the security landscape.

The Key to Success

By working together we can achieve great things, which is why we surround ourselves with a great ecosystem.

The Pilot

We believe that you should never buy something without being sure it is the right fit for you. That is why we offer Try Before you Buy option on our SOC-service. Contact us for further details.

Our vision

Sorasec shall be a contributor to increase the cybersecurity posture in the countries where we operate. Sorasec shall provide state of the art, modern and affordable security services for all businesses regardless of size and budget. We shall be known as trustworthy, professional, highly competent and providing real value at all times.

About us

We are a team of certified security experts that are passionate about providing the best possible security service. We love working with partners that complement our skills to give customers the best experience.

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Sorasec is always there for us with the right resources at the right time. They have contributed to Experis' holistic delivery of security services.

Morten Stoa

Manager Cybersecurity, Experis Ciber

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