About us

We focus on building integrity and trust with our partners and customers within the European borders.

Why Sorasec?

Cybersecurity is becoming more complex. The bad guys are creative and continuously find new ways to breach companies' defense. Even with all the media exposure and focus on cybersecurity, companies are still struggling to protect themselves.

There are many reasons; lack of budget, lack of security competency, absence of management understanding, fragmented security vendor market and maybe also lack of understanding the everchanging security threats. The reality is that companies need to understand how to work proactively with security, how to detect threats wherever they arise and how to respond to an incident.

Sorasec security services is all about helping companies face those challenges. Through a flexible platform and innovative business model we are able to serve our ecosystem of partners and customers in seven countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We take pride in having local expertise with a regional reach.


Sorasec shall be a contributor to increase the cybersecurity posture in the countries where we operate. Sorasec shall provide state of the art, modern and affordable security services for all businesses regardless of size and budget. We shall be known as trustworthy, professional, highly competent and providing real value at all times.

What drives us?

We are a team of certified security experts that are passionate about providing the best possible security service. We love working with partners that complement our skills to give customers the best experience for all kind of customers. We believe that integrity, high competence, and enthusiasm, combined with the ability to listen to the customer creates a trustworthy relationship with our partners and customers.

We are a family owned company

We are owned by Pedab Group AB, which is one hundred percent owned by the founding family. This gives us the flexibility to grow at our own pace with a powerful vision, and to build long-term relationships in a healthy business environment.









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