Christmas Calendar 2023

It's Christmas time again, finally! It has become a tradition for us in Sorasec to present our wonderful partners every day until Christmas. Take a look at the short videos they have made for us:

DECEMBER 1st: 🎄 Our very own, Henning Gaalaas will start the countdown. We wish you all a safe and secure December ❄️

DECEMBER 4th:  🎄 Meet Sandra Karlsen Stenbråten at IBM! She wants you to know that Norwegian companies that are exposed to cyber attacks spend almost twenty millions on correcting the consequences of an attack. She recommends you to take a look at the Cost of Data Breach report where you can see that the IBM’s security technology significantly cuts the time it takes to detect intruders in the infrastructure.

DECEMBER 5th:  🎄 Our sister company, Pedab Norway, a family-owned company – also located in Oslo, was established in 1993. Kim A. Nordquelle, the CEO at Pedab Norway, wants to highlight one news from 2023 and that is “IBM – Watsonx”. Security is always important and is well covered in this platform. On behalf of Pedab Norway, he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you in 2024 💫

DECEMBER 6th: 🎄Only Santa should know everything about you! 🎅 TRAQ is a Norwegian company specializing in handling consents and terms and conditions in digital solutions, with a strong focus on documentation and long-term preservation of international standards.  Keep your data secure and private🔒 Have a safe Christmas!

DECEMBER 7th: 🎄 Meet Christian Riekehr, the CEO of BITEQ Denmark A/S, an analytical and AI-based company set up to deliver the best and most relevant solutions in supporting data-driven companies. Their dedication and passion is to create a coherent understanding of your business. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

DECEMBER 8th: 🎄What’s on your wishlist this year? An AI hero? Rebecca Morales Cahak, the Head of Channel at HiddenLayer is here to save you! The opportunities are massive and the Hiddenlayer model is easy to use – and you’ll get recommendations for what to do! While Santa can’t be your AI-hero, Hiddenlayer can 😉

DECEMBER 11th:  🎄 5 cybersecurity advice from the festive CYBERS-elves:
🔒 Remember two-factor authentication
🔒 Be on the lookout for phishing scams
🔒 Keep your online-circle secure
🔒 Protect your WIFI
🔒 Safeguard your online presence with strong passwords

From everyone at Cybers, may your online celebrations be joyful, secure, and filled with the magic of the season ✨ Stay cyber-safe!

DECEMBER 12th: 🎄Does your company have a New Year’s resolution for 2024? Move AS will help you with this! Tuesday January 9th they invite us all to a webinar that will give you the answers to your questions about AI, and get you ready to reap the benefits.

DECEMBER 13th:  🎄 Our very own Matias Louanto at our Finnish office has taken Sorasec to new heights! ✨ He and Kaita Finland Oy wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas!

DECEMBER 14th:  🎄Meet Silje Helen Dyvik i Experis Norway 💫 They believe good security culture starts with the people! Experis is therefore keen to take care of its people – they motivate their employees by increasing the level of knowledge, having e-learning courses, and running phishing tests regularly 🕷 With Sorasec as a partner, they can deliver customers a more complete service catalog.

DECEMBER 15th:  🎄Take the time to listen to Gollum’s favorite Christmas carols 🎶 Secure Practice is a young and growing security SaaS company in Norway. They wish you all a safe and secure Christmas – and remember: Secure your passwords!

DECEMBER 18th:  🎄Shibuya is a Swedish family-owned tech company that helps you succeed and grow your business. Compliance and security has been the major focus of the past year and will continue in the years to come. Their CISO, Robert R. wishes you all a merry and secure Christmas 🌟

DECEMBER 19th: 🎄 Since 1969, Cristie, a part of PEDAB, has been expert in data availability. They deliver a comprehensive solution that includes advisory services, customer care, and a consumption-based business model. From everybody at Cristie – a very happy holiday!

DECEMBER 20th: 🎄 During the year, Computerworld Norway arranges over 20 conferences and seminars for the Norwegian IT sector with relevant topics for those who work with IT. Highly recommended!  From everyone at Computerworld, they wish you all a merry Christmas – and hope to see you all in 2024! 💫

DECEMBER 21st:  🎄DECEMBER 21st: Our good friend, Raivis Kalniņš gives us good tips to avoid attacks. Employees are often the weak point in cyberattacks. Here are some things we all can do, without being cybersecurity experts:
🔒Don’t click on unfamiliar links
🔒Data back-ups
🔒Multifactor authentication
🔒Secure wireless internet
🔒Don’t share sensitive information

Happy holidays to everyone! ✨

DECEMBER 22nd: 🎄Christmasgreetings from Svein Heskje and Cegal Norge – a global tech powerhouse. Remember that Christmas also brings dangers in form of cyberattacks and hacking! Take care and have a safe and merry Christmas 🫶

DECEMBER 24th:  🎄 From all of us at Sorasec to all of you – we wish you a merry Christmas!







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