CyberPilot create engaging awareness training through e-learning.

We will help you create a good cyber security culture.

CyberPilot are helping hundreds of companies create a good cyber security culture through Awareness training. As 9 out of 10 security breaches can be traced to human error, making sure employees are aware is crucial. With continually creating and sending out awareness training courses CyberPilot are making sure that employees are always up to date with what they need to know regarding cyber security and the GDPR. The goal is to create constant awareness around cyber security because having employees that are aware is the foundation for good cyber security culture. Aware employees allow for fewer errors due to a better understanding and awareness in the team.

CyberPilot publishes new courses on cyber security and GDPR on an ongoing basis to make sure that the courses are always relevant and aligned with the current cyber security and GDPR landscape.

To make Awareness training more effective CyberPilot also offer Phishing training in which phishing simulations are sent out to all employees in organizations. This gives people the chance to learn how to spot phishing mail directly in their inbox. It also gives the company insights into how vulnerable they are at the moment and allows them to track their progress over time.

Together, Awareness training and Phishing training are a strong foundation to strengthen your cyber security culture.

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