Secure Practice

Secure Practice believe people are key to preventing cybercrime.

Employees who know how to protect themselves, will also help protecting your company.

Secure Practice founders have previous experience from developing security training and culture programs in both large and medium-sized companies, with measurable results. After experimenting with every possible approach to raise security awareness in various contexts, they gained experience on how people respond to different kinds of measures. They found that common security products default to poor user experiences without respect to the time they had asked their colleagues to spend on them.
They then decided to challenge the perception of people as vulnerabilities, and rather turn security into something positive for everyone.

From scientific research, the founders also know that training must resonate positively with people’s emotions to influence their behaviors. Secure Practice’s approach to product development is therefore people-centered. At the same time they use data-driven analytics to guide their security program, and make use of user generated data in brand new ways.

Secure Practice combines innovative means to facilitate user engagement and actionable results, ranging from gamification on the one hand, to machine learning on the other.