Traq specializes in handling consents and conditions in digital solutions, with a strong focus on documentation and long-term preservation.

Traq operates as a “white label” in the service(s) – can connect to existing and new solutions

– Create declarations/terms and integrate via API/widget into solutions
– Traq ensures the documentation obligation (the burden of proof/documentation obligation is 100% on the company)
– Uses international standards for documentation management (ISO, Noark/Moreq Dublin core)
– APIs to automatically automate processes if someone enters into/withdraws terms/consent

Ensures an architecture that gives you options in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape (can be implemented collectively or over time)


Traq gives the company full control over who has consented to what and what can be done with the data

– See the user across the group / solutions – who has accepted what?
– Make better use of the data you have across the board