Tussa IKT

Tussa IKT aims to cover its customer’s IT needs through future-oriented and environmentally friendly technology focusing on; Security, Microsoft Azure, and IT services from our own data center.

Tussa IKT AS is a company that provides a wide range of technical solutions and IT services.

They offer system design, application development, network setup, security consulting, inventory management, and other IT related services. They have experience with multiple operating systems, including Linux, Windows, OS X, OS/2, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and OpenVMS. They also have gained a significant expertise in design and implementation of databases, telecommunication technologies, system administration, data administration, and web program

Tussa security products

Tussa IKT’s security products include situational analysis and risk assessments, security testing of applications, data security solutions for vulnerabilities, remote control controllers, anti-hacking tools, certification solutions, encryption solutions, and IT configuration tools. Additionally, the company also provides a systematic and structured assessment and contingency planning services tailored to meet your information security needs.