Threat Image 2023

Sorasec present a threat image every month. Nina Pettersen discusses various topics and present her findings.

September 2023:

In this month’s threat image report, Nina discusses smart cities and the looming cyber vulnerabilities they represent. She also highlights the growing AI-driven cyber threats. Stay informed as we delve into these critical topics.

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August 2023: 

Hackers gained long-term access to Norway’s government mobile device system, causing concerns for national security. A joint advisory from NSM and CISA highlights cybersecurity issues. Plus, in the area of important information, foreign hackers went after Norwegian phone numbers to create chaos, showing that cyber threats can be different and tricky.

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Juli 2023: 

As some countries kick off their holiday season and others await August, it’s crucial to stay alert against phishing and malware threats. LinkedIn is full of advice on staying safe online. Phishing attacks can lead to ransomware, where hackers steal credentials to infiltrate networks and encrypt data. A new ransomware group called MalasLocker stands out by not demanding ransoms, but instead, asking victims to donate to charities, with an unusual message about disliking corporations.
Lastly, a reminder for the C-Suite: a former CEO faced legal consequences for not adhering to data protection regulations, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity compliance.

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Juni 2023:

Iranian state actors employ Cyber-Enabled IO or psychological operations (PSYOPS) to influence other nations. They use SMS messaging and impersonate high-value figures for their operations. In Russia, an APT actor exploited iOS devices, while the NSA is raising awareness about North Korea’s social engineering and malware tactics.  Additionally, ‘Anonymous Sudan’ demanded $3 million from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to halt their DDoS attacks, shifting from hacktivism to extortion.

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Mai 2023: 

Climate change and cybersecurity have an intricate connection, offering cyber-threat actors new opportunities like disrupting digital systems through extreme weather events, vulnerable green technologies, and geopolitical tensions leading to cyberwarfare. In March, the world encountered what is believed to be the first instance of a double supply chain attack, linked to North Korean-sponsored actors. Cyber threat actors have transitioned to employing Microsoft OneNote as a means to distribute malware, leading to real ransomware attacks.

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