Our Services

Our services compliment each other and provide a holistic security architecture. We build our services around best of breed technology, and provide a tailored service for your size and budget.

Security Operations Center

Our SOC is the heart and soul of our Security Services. We have Security Analysts, Security Architects and Operations specialist in our SOC group. This means that we have a tight integration between our various responsibilities, and this yields a better service to our customers.

Microsoft Security

We integrate our Security Operations Center with official APIs from Microsoft and provide you visibility into all your Office 365 capabilities and monitors the usage in a systematic manner. If something is going on, we will inform you straight away.


With personal guidance from our senior analysts you can get a better understanding of your IT Security posture, ability to detect and act upon threats. We can make your SIEM journey effortless and affordable.

Incident Response

The Sorasec Incident Response service will help you identify, compile and manage cyberattacks. We are experienced in using the best practice mythologies to provide companies with the necessary advice and assistance.

Endpoint Security

With more roaming users, perimeter-based security solutions is unable to protect users at the home office or a random WiFi-hotspot. Thus, the laptop itself becomes the first and last line of defense, which makes protecting these devices a priority.

Email Protection

Why are phishing attacks still an effective attack method? Because all employees have a mail account and are easy targets. Mail Protection offers a unique way for employees to detect and respond to targeted email threats.

Unified Endpoint Management

Sorasec Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) delivers the technology needed to manage and secure devices, such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, and the Internet of Things (IoT), irrespective of platforms and operating systems.


Key areas include maturity and safety status mapping, improving security management, ensuring security of technology and transformation projects, establishing and developing security environments, and incident management.

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