Pedab Security Services becomes Sorasec

Sorasec is a newly established company built on what used to be the security team and services in Pedab. The goal with establishing this new company is to increase the focus on security and spread security knowledge to the market. Sorasec will remain a part of Pedab Group.

18h of August 2021, Oslo – To strengthen the focus on security, Pedab Group have announced that Sorasec will be the company to do so. From the 18th of August this will be the part of Pedab Group that focuses on security, while the rest of the group will keep their current focus areas.

Pedab was founded 26 years ago and is a value-creating distributor with 130 employees in eight countries. With a wide range of services covering areas such as infrastructure and storage, data management and analysis, financing services, and security, Pedab is an ideal partner for growing in the Nordic corporate market.

This is a natural step when we look at where the market is evolving. Companies are looking for services to be more agile as their market changes. Pedab has seen this development for years and with our services companies Cristie Nordic, Load System and Sorasec we are taking our place in this growing market, says Jesper Bartholdson CEO of Pedab Group.

The move of the security services and the team will ensure a more dedicated focus on our vision: Pedab security shall be a contributor to increase the cybersecurity posture in the countries where Pedab operates, says Henning Gaalaas, International Sales Director from Sorasec.

Sorasec shall provide state of the art, modern and affordable security services. It will also allow us to easier develop our services and competences in the direction the market demands, says Henning Gaalaas.