New technology and digitalization of business processes create new possibilities for innovation and growth, but one of the side effects is new cyber security challenges.

New supply chains, vendors, network structures and IT systems provides an increasingly complex environment, with new vulnerabilities and more opportunities to damage or exploit digital systems.

Criminals use cyber operations to acquire financial values. Terrorist cells and hacktivists can create fear or inflict damage and state actors most often do it for intelligence purposes. The challenges in the digital space are cross-border – across countries, sectors and businesses.

More and more companies are being exposed to cyberattacks. Coverage in media of incidents shows how cybercriminals can inflict significant financial losses, weakened trust or information going astray. Security breaches may have serious consequences, but it can be a complex task to secure the company’s values and respond in a timely and timely manner to cyber incidents.

How we can help you

Sorasec have the expertise — from the boardroom to the data center. In addition to assessing your cyber security and aligning it to your business priorities and risk profile, we help you develop advanced solutions, implement them, monitor ongoing risks and help you respond effectively to cyber incidents. So no matter where you are on the cyber security journey, Sorasec can help you reach your destination.

Our approach

As a provider and implementer of cyber security, Sorasec knows how to apply leading security practices — and build new ones that are fit for your purpose. Our methods to cyber security also includes the ways we deliver our services; you can expect to work with people who understand your business and your technology.

Deployment services

We offer deployment services on QRadar SIEM. Our team holds all current QRadar certifications and have long experience delivering both large and small projects in both high-level and down to integration with custom cloud applications.

Key areas of our cybersecurity services

Maturity and safety status mapping: Maturity analysis, gap analysis, vulnerability mapping, safety and penetration testing and threat targeting.

Improving security management: Security strategy and management, information security management system, information management, risk management, identity and access management, security program management, privacy, continuity planning, training and awareness raising, quality assurance of systems, programs and projects

Ensuring the security of technology and transformation projects: Security and solution architecture, assessment of technological needs and solutions, secure cloud transformation as well as design, implementation and integration of products and solutions.

Establishment and further development of security environments: Establishment of detection capacity, SOC, CSIRT, CERT.

Incident management: Support and advice in incident management, methodology and organization for incident handling, contingency planning and exercises.

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