Microsoft Security

Office 365 is probably the most used SaaS solution in the world. The popularity itself makes Office 365 interesting for criminals, especially when we know that a lot of organizations' data and information moves from the legacy servers and into the cloud. Office 365 comes in various flavors and packaging and bundles. Some of the bundles comes with advanced security features which helps you to protect your data. These features create security alerts, that needs to be properly processed by the administrator.

Many of our customers struggle with a busy schedule and do not have the time to properly process security alerts. Other questions like, “who has accessed our data” and unwanted/abnormal usage of the platform can be hard to detect.

We help our customers with a systematic approach to process the alerts, fix potentially dangerous configurations, and spot what other silo-based technologies do not detect.

We integrate our Security Operations Center with official APIs from Microsoft and provides you visibility into all your Office 365 capabilities and monitors the usage in a systematic manner. If something bad is going on, we will inform you straight away. Our SOC ingests data from the platform, so we do not install or add any components to your endpoints which makes the enrollment process simple and pain free for our clients.

We offer Office 365 security monitoring solutions using our supported SIEMs, Azure Sentinel and IBM QRadar.

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