Email Protection

Why are phishing attacks still an effective attack method? Because all employees have an email account and are easy targets.

Regularly, we read about companies that have become victims of a phishing attack.

Sorasec Email Protection service adds a new button in Outlook. By clicking the button the email will be analyzed and returned with a recommendation of what to do. Hence, by one click employees get help with suspicious emails.


In addition, we help the IT department. They will experience a decrease in inquires from employees and can direct their focus to core tasks. We are like an extra member of your security team.

The solution also initiate a positive security culture. It empowers the employees in their understanding of security threats. With the gamification element you can make it fun and enjoyable for the employees. Your colleagues are going to love Sorasec Email Protection.


MailRisk offers a unique way for both employees and companies to detect and respond to targeted email threats.

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