Hybrid war affects us all

Interesting and updated information related to the current threat picture has recently been published.

Microsoft released a report on what they have observed in connection with the war in Ukraine, and the Norwegian police issued their threat assessment for 2022. Here are the highlights of the reports I believe we should all consider:

Ransomware is the nr. 1 threat for businesses

Ransomware targeting businesses is considered the biggest threat in the digital space today according to the Norwegian police. This is justified by a steady increase in the number of incidents and the possibility of high profit, as well as low risk of identification and prosecution.

Reports show that during the last 12 months criminals are increasingly using double blackmail. That means stealing and encrypting data and threatening to publish it. The actors gain access using phishing, exploitation of leaked or weak passwords, and by exploiting vulnerabilities in the victim’s software or networks.

Threat actors activate during the war

Microsoft writes in their report about activities carried out by advanced and persistent threat actors (APTs) associated with Russia in connection with the war in Ukraine. The report provides a good overview of the scope of activity, involved actors, goals, procedures and consequences. Large parts of the Russian players’ activity have so far been directed at Ukraine. However, there are take aways for us outside the conflict area as well.

Microsoft states in the report that the nation-state cyberattack NOBELIUM is trying to gain access to IT companies providing services to government agencies in NATO countries. By 2021, as much as 93% of Russian-backed activity Microsoft has observed has been directed at NATO countries, especially US, UK, Germany, Turkey and Norway. The report emphasizes that the IT suppliers the Norwegian businesses use can also be used as a means to get access to other companies. Based on that information it is particularly wise to have increased awareness of value and supply chain risk in the time ahead.

Stop – Think – Click

Stay safe and secure, we are all a part of the joint force against the war by doing our small parts in the cyber security area.

Author: Endre Syrstad, Chief of Consulting & Business Developer, Sorasec


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